Terms and Conditions

While we (ARMADA PACIFIC PTY LTD) strive to provide the very best in customer service and satisfaction, as a business we are required to maintain a set of terms and conditions of service and sale that customers and ourselves must adhere to. By doing so we protect the rights of our customers and our business through clearly defining the conditions in which we operate and that we require all customers to accept upon purchasing from us.

We ask you as a customer read and understand the following conditions prior to purchasing so you can decide whether or not our products and services are right for you. If you require clarrification on any of the points below please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Warranty and Returns

    All goods sold in Australia come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. Purchases made from ARMADA Pty Ltd are no exception and customers are entitled to repair or replacements in the event of a major failure, if a suitable replacement is not available customers are entitled to a refund.

    Our policy on all warranty and returns comes in several forms as outlined below.

    • Components, Peripherals and Other Non Custom PC Warranty
      • Dead on Arrival (DOA)
      • The period in which a product may be considered as DOA is no more than 7 days from the date of invoice. DOA return handling affords the customer more immediate resolution options and does not require them to wait the full period of time that handling a regular non-DOA return may require.

        If a product presents a major fault it can be returned for a replacement. If a replacement is not readily available or cannot be dispatched within 2 business days of return, the customer will have their choice of a store credit to purchase an alternative model or a refund. If the item was marked as 'special-order' upon initial purchase, the replacement time allotted will be equal to that of the original advertised wait time.

        If a product is not as significantly advertised the customer is entitled to their choice of replacement, store credit or should neither be suitable, a refund of the purchase price of the item. Were differences between the advertised product and provided product are of a minor and / or a disclaimer on the product listing forwarned of the potential differences prior to purchase

        Where images, specifications and features advertised by 3rd parties differs to the advertisement provided on armadapacific.com.au , only the armadapacific.com.au listing will be considered in determining the eligibility of a return.

      • Standard Warranty Returns
      • Should a product fail within the manufacturer stated warranty period the fault is not the result of user error, physical damage, misappropriation, it is eligible for repair or replacement.

        Physical damage that voids warranty includes but is not limited to;
        - Bent CPU Socket Pins or CPU Pins.
        - Snapped, bent or cracked connectors.
        - Scratches or indentations that suggest drop or heavy impact.
        - Any damage caused from improper installation, improper handling or improper usage.
        - Damage resulting from environmental factors such as excessive heat, cold or humidity.

        We afford the highest priority to the timely handling of warranty returns but as all goods need to be passed on the distributor or vendor for final processing, the time it takes will vary based on several factors. This can take anywhere from 5 days to 4-6 weeks and factors beyond our control include shipping time, replacement stock availability, required product testing time to determine fault, distributor/vendor backlog etc.

        Proof of purchase is required and if cannot be provided a return may not be accepted. If no fault is found or the cause of the fault is not one covered by warranty (damage, misuse etc), a labour charge (no more than $50) and / or returning shipping fee (no more than the actual cost of shipping the item) may apply. The result of a valid warranty return (repair, replacement, credit, refund) is the decision of the product distributor or vendor, not that of the customer or ARMADA.

        If Australian consumer law conflict with a manufacturer’s warranty terms, the law will take precedence and the case will be handled in a manner in which abides by the law.

      • Non Brand New Items (Refurbs, Used, Open Box etc)
      • While it is rare, any product that is offered for sale in state other than brand new will be very clearly advertised as such and will be priced accordingly. Such items will have a warranty policy different to the brand new equivalent and this policy will be clearly advertised along with the product. These typically follow the same terms and conditions as a regular warranty however offer shorter warranty periods.

      • Change of Mind Returns
      • ARMADA is not required to provide a refund or replacement of any kind if the customer changes their mind after ordering. Items returned that do not meet requirements of the warranty conditions above will generally be rejected and all decisions are made at the ARMADA sales manager’s discretion. A restocking fee may apply if the item is accepted for return to offset costs of processing and discounting the item for resale as it cannot be sold as new.

    • Custom PC Warranty
      • Premium Custom PC Warranty
      • 1 to 5 year premium warranty options are available at time of initial purchase with varying additional perks and levels of cover depending on selection and must be selected prior to purchase. The terms and conditions of these warranties are available on the relevant product listing page and it is a condition of sale that, if selected, the customer will accept and adhere to the terms and conditions as it pertains to the warranty offered by ARMADA on the product in question.

        ARMADA's premium warranty services afford the policy holder the following guarantees;

        - All claims are to be handled directly by ARMADA support staff and not contracted third parties.
        - All claims will be treated with the highest priority internally and attended to on a first in first served basis within 1 business day of being lodged.
        - All replacement components if required will be of the same or higher model / specification.
        - All claims will receive troubleshooting assistance by our staff prior to arranging return shipping to avoid any unnecessary delay or additional costs in case the issue experienced is non-hardware related and as a result not covered by the warranty terms & conditions.

        The warranty policy holder's responsibility includes but is not limited to;

        -To keep all provided protective packaging in case the product in question is required to be returned to our service center via courier.
        -To accept that failure to adequately package the item that results in physical damage to the product will void the warranty of the any components effected.
        -To accept that refusal or inability to cooperate with any reasonable requests to attempt troubleshooting the issue via email or phone call with ARMADA support staff may result in termination of the warranty and a refund of the amount paid for the service in accordance with the full terms and conditions of the warranty policy.

      • Standard Return To Base (RTB) Custom PC Warranty
      • Where no premium, priority or other warranty service was selected at time of purchase, all warranty claims pertaining to ARMADA custom computers will be handled on a per component, return to base basis. ARMADA staff members will provide troubleshooting assistance in an effort to resolve the issue regardless of the nature of the fault where possible and within reason however if the fault requires the item to be replaced or repaired the customer is required to return it to the point of purchase (or place of origin if item was originally shipped via courier on initial order).

        All valid warranty claims will receive free return shipping to the customer anywhere in Australia upon repair or replacement of the item in question by the distributor or manufacturer processing the claim.

        ARMADA does not repair or issue replacements internally for all non-DOA, standard RTB warranty claims and only forward them to the authorized product distributor or manufacturer for processing. ARMADA guarantee that every effort will be made to deliver returned items to the distributor for processing within 1-2 business days. Unfortunately, the time it takes the distributor or manufacturer to process and return the item to ARMADA is beyond ARMADA's control. The average turnaround time is 5-10 business days however most distributors state up to 20-25 business days is considered reasonable depending on the nature of the fault and availability of a replacement or means of repair.

        The cost of returning the faulty component to ARMADA may or may not be reimbursable at the discretion of the manager handling the claim and the conditions of sale outlined by the ACCC. While we take all reasonable steps to provide the best customer service possible, returning a non-faulty component or product will incur a return shipping fee and at the discretion of the management, may incur a futile processing and testing fee to recover labor costs involved with the illegitimate claim.

      • Change of Mind Custom PC Returns
      • Due to the custom nature of the product, custom PCs cannot be cancelled or returned for reimbursement once the order is confirmed and paid unless conditions warranting a return / cancellation / refund under ACCC regulation at met. eg. not as advertised or major fault that cannot be remedied within a reasonable time frame as determined by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

    • Cost of Returns (Shipping)
    • Delivery is a service provided by a 3rd party courier company that constitutes moving goods from one point to another in a safe and timely manner. Armada offer these delivery services in addition to their products for customers who either cannot, or prefer not to, collect their goods from our physical store locations. Unless there is a fault with this particular service (lost or damaged parcel etc), it is considered completely separate to the goods purchased.

      Depending on the particular case, Armada may its own discretion offer to reimburse the costs of a return if it is reasonable to do so. In these cases, the request must be made prior to returning the product. In general return shipping costs are covered or reimbursed in cases in which the product fault falls within the DOA period defined above, however further exceptions are considered depending on the nature of the product and fault on a case by case basis.

      The cost, inconvenience or time required to return a product due to a customer’s distance from ARMADA's physical location is a risk assumed by the customer upon purchase and all customers should consider this risk prior to purchase. Armada is in no way liable for said costs unless specific written guarantees were made prior to sale.

  2. Order Cancellation.
  3. If the customer wishes to cancel their order they may do so under the following conditions. - The items were general stock, not special order items obtained by ARMADA specifically for the order^
    - The items have not been shipped out to the customer.
    - A 5% restocking fee is applied on items over $100 in value and a $10 fee is applied to items below $100

    ^If the item was specifically obtained for the order, the customer can contact ARMADA with their cancellation request and an ARMADA manager will assess the cost of restocking or returning the item to the distributor if possible. If this is possible, a reimbursement minus the cost of restocking or returning the item to the distributor will be offered to the customer.

    If the item has been shipped prior to the request for cancellation being received then the customer must return the items unopened and undamaged to the store or shipping location. If the item is not faulty and not shipped by error on the part of ARMADA the costs of shipping the item to the customer and returning the item to the store cannot be reimbursed.

    In the event an item was made available for purchase on our website or through our store in error or is unavailable ARMADA reserves the right to cancel this order and will fully reimburse the customer.

    Due to their custom nature, orders for our ARMADA PCs are final and cannot be cancelled once payment clears.

  4. Custom PC Inclusions / Exclusions & Component Selection.
  5. Components used in assembling ARMADA Custom PCs are 100% brand new and covered by full Australian warranty from date of purchase. However these components may not sourced from retail packaged goods and may have been acquired on OEM packages designed specifically for system re-sellers like ARMADA. Drivers cd's or instructions on how to download drivers will always be provided for every component necessary used in an ARMADA Custom PC however accessories that might be in the retail version of the product, may not be included in the OEM package used to assemble your system. If you would like clarification on whether or not a certain accessory is included, please email sales@armadapacific.com.au before purchase.

    Where exact model numbers are not advertised, components are subject to Armada selection under the condition that all components meet or exceed the minimum advertised specifications. The selection process is done by the assembling technician under their best judgment on a case by case basis. If a customer wishes to select the exact model to be used in a custom PC ordered online, they must get email confirmation from an ARMADA staff member prior to purchase. We will do our best to accommodate customers where possible but make no guarantees beyond that which is advertised unless contacted prior to purchase, not after.

  6. Suggestions and Reccomendations by ARMADA.
  7. Are provided in good faith based on the information provided by the customer. Our staff are trained to be conservative in their estimations of performance and to never make guarantees regarding a product that the manufacturer or vendor does not explicitly advertise. As our staff are unable to predict factors they are not explicitly informed of, and as in store or phone interactions are not recorded, these recommendations or suggestions not constitute a blanket guarantee that the item is suitable or compatible for the customers intended purpose. Returning a product on the basis that it was incorrectly recommended by an ARMADA staff member is only acceptable if that recommendation was issued in writing and only if sufficient information to be able to reasonably determine the unsuitable nature of the product was provided by the customer prior to said recommendation being issued.

    If a guarantee of combability, specification, feature or function is required pre-purchase the customer should request it in writing before ordering with all the relevant information clearly detailed in a manner that cannot be reasonably mistaken or misinterpreted.

  8. Shipping.
  9. ARMADA provides shipping options upon checkout, these options are given to you (the customer) to elect to have your order dispatched via a courier or postal service. These couriers and postal services are 3rd party companies. The nature of items sold on our store means we cannot ship to P.O boxes. Items are shipped and delivered during business hours, Monday to Friday and as our couriers and delivery partners are separate entities ARMADA cannot guarantee specific delivery times. Where parcel protection and insurance options are available but not selected by the customer upon checkout, ARMADA is not liable for items damaged in transit. Where insurance or parcel protection options are offered they are done so by the third party courier and ARMADA will assist you in resolving any claims to the best of its ability. The courier, not ARMADA is liable for any disputes arising from the handling or outcome of insurance claims. If you choose to pick up your order from our store title and risk of all loss and damages is transferred to you upon payment and collection. If you elect to have your order shipped via 3rd party couriers all risk of loss and damage is transferred to you upon the order being dispatched from our premises.

    Where promotions advertise free shipping, these offers are valid for all areas covered by our standard online freight calculator only. This includes all major metro areas of Australia's state and territory capitals along with the majority of all rural Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. Some rural areas of the Northern Territory and Western Australia are not serviced by our standard online freight calculator due to the high cost of delivery, limited service options and an increased risk of damage in transit. ARMADA reserves the right to amend / update its freight calculator at any time. To check if your address is eligible for free shipping promotions simply enter your post code in the shipping estimator tool provided on every product page of the armadapacific.com.au website. Eligible addresses will be quoted a delivery price while ineligible addresses will be asked to contact support@armadapacific.com.au for a quote.

  10. Price Policy & Invoicing.
  11. All prices advertised on our website and Australian based media outlets are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST unless clearly stated otherwise. Prices are subject to change without notice and are updated on a regular basis. Quotations given customers or clients are valid for 24 hours unless stated otherwise. Prices displayed online are done so in good faith, should they contain errors ARMADA reserves the right to cancel and refund orders. ARMADA will not provide GST refunds on orders invoiced to GST exempt territories. All products, services and invoices will include GST without exception.

    Tax Invoices, All goods purchased through our store or website will receive a physical or digital tax invoice along with the goods. This legal tax invoice complete with ABN and itemised products, quantity and pricing. This is intended to be kept as proof of purchase should one be necessary.

  12. Privacy and Security Policy.
  13. ARMADA is dedicated to keeping all customer information secure and private. We do not sell, pass on make customer information available to any 3rd parties unless ordered to do so by a court of law. The information collected is done so solely for the purpose of tracking orders, providing customer service and delivering items to customers. When making purchases from our website all your financially sensitive or personal data is secured with industry standard SSL encryption to ensure its privacy and security.

    ARMADA does not store or process any credit card information entered during checkout. Credit card information is processed securely by Commonwealth Bank (Commweb) and not by ARMADA. Online credit card payments are limited to Australian issued debit or credit cards in an effort to reduce fraud. Billing addresses are matched with the card holder and high value transactions may be followed up with with phone calls to the card holder or card issuer for verification.

  14. Hyperlinks.
  15. Hyperlinks provided on the ARMADA website are done so as a convenience to the customer only and ARMADA holds no responsibility for the content of the pages in which they link to. All links are provided in good faith to the customer in order to provide as much information as possible however if the pages linked to provide misleading or false information, ARMADA does not endorse, support, sponsor or imply recommendation in anyway and therefore is not liable for the information, products or services they provide.

  16. Images and Product Descriptions.
  17. While we carefully selected our images and descriptions to best reflect each product, it should be used as a guide only. Actual products may vary in colour, features and size as manufacturers alter their production.

  18. Sale of Restricted Goods.
  19. Sale of Restricted Goods is subject to various Commonwealth, State and Territory laws. By placing an order for any restricted goods you warrant to ARMADA PACIFIC Pty Ltd that you are:

    A : 18 years of age or older, where you order products that are classified R18+;
    B : 15 years of age or older, where you order products that are classified R15+.
    C : When placing an order for restricted goods you warrant that you are not obtaining the restricted goods on behalf of a person that is not eligible to purchase the restricted goods themselves.

  20. zipMoney.
  21. 'zipMoney Interest Free Purchases', is a loan provided by zipMoney Payments Pty Ltd (ABN 58 164 440 993 Australian Credit License 441878) and is subject to approval with terms and conditions. ARMADA PACIFIC Pty Ltd do not control the approval process nor does it take it any responsibility for liabilities resulting from a customer’s choice to apply for and accept credit from zipMoney or any other provider to pay for an order. Change of mind order cancellations or returns STRICTLY PROHIBITED do to the custom nature of the product provided. Items returned for warranty purposes or any other return conditions outlined by the ACCC as a customer’s right, will be handled in accordance with aforementioned ACCC regulation with warranty replacement or repair unless the product provided was A) not as advertised - or B) dangerous to use as advertised. ARMADA PACIFIC Pty Ltd has no control over the terms and conditions of accepting such a loan, no control over repayment terms, fees, credit rating penalties or interest rates. By accepting a zipMoney loan the customer is bound by the loan contract presented by zipMoney and any disputes arising from this loan / credit facility are strictly between the customer and zipMoney Payments Pty Ltd. ARMADA PACIFIC Pty Ltd does not have any control over the time it takes zipMoney Payments Pty Ltd to settle payments on a customer’s behalf and will only process orders once payments are received. ARMADA PACIFIC Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel and refund any order. Before applying, carefully read all terms and conditions including the schedule of fees and consider if this loan is appropriate for you.

  22. Lay-by.
  23. This service is offered on orders containing custom PCs only with a minimum of $500.00. A 5% deposit is required within the first 72 hours to secure a lay-by order and termination fees will be charged at 5% of the order total should the customer cancel the order after the first deposit is made. Installment minimums are $100.00 and the maximum re-payment term is no more than 120 days from first deposit. ARMADA reserves the right to cancel and refund any order for cases in which the customer breaches the lay-by agreement terms or the product is for any reason no longer available, lost, or damaged. Where cancellation occurs as the result of the customer breaching the terms of lay-by the amount refunded will be the amount paid, minus the 5% termination fee. Where cancellation is not due to breach of the terms of lay-by and is not at the customer’s request, no termination fee will be charged. Full terms of lay-by will be presented upon checkout before order confirmation and an electronic copy of the terms will be emailed to all customers who place a lay-by order.